Introducing ESEL, Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa



ESEL (Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Lisboa) is a Portuguese public Higher Education Institution dedicated to teaching Nursing at the three levels of education – graduation, master and doctorate, the latter in partnership with the University of Lisbon.

At the graduation nursing course (4 years), ESEL receives 350 students per year, as well as about 120 to 150 students in the master’s degree courses, in ten different nursing specializations.

ESEL’s MISSION is to be a center for the creation, development, transmission and dissemination of Nursing Culture and Science, aimed at excellence and innovation. It places special emphasis on human training in its cultural, scientific, technical, ethical, aesthetic, and professional aspects, the development of the discipline and practice of Nursing, through scientific research, as well as participation in national and international cooperation projects in the field of nursing, that contribute to the development of the country and to bring different peoples and countries closer together.

The VALUES that identify and define the way in which ESEL relates to the community and its partners are Responsibility, Ethics, Intellectual Freedom, Innovation and Excellence, Cooperation, Openness and Communication, and Citizenship.

Integrating the DOMINO project by ESEL: Anabela Ferreira dos Santos, PhD, Coordinator Professor, integrates the Department of Maternal Health and coordinates the master’s Course of Maternal Health and Obstetrics Nursing; Luísa Sotto-Mayor, MSc, Associate Professor, integrates the Department of Maternal Health and teaches in the Nursing Graduation course and the master’s course in Maternal Health and Obstetrics Nursing.

ESEL is leading the Intellectual Output 1 (IO1) and is planning to organize the 1st face-to-face meeting of DOMINO Project, to be held in Lisbon from January 24-28, 2022. Given the pandemic context, this meeting may have to be held online.

As part of the IO1, two panels were held, in which several experts in the field of domestic violence participated, namely social workers, jurists, obstetric nurses and higher education teachers. The panels allowed the sharing of experiences and different points of view of the participants, translating into extraordinarily rich results in contributions to the definition of the concept of domestic violence and subsequent subsidies for the elaboration of the curriculum of the e-learning course, aimed at health professionals, one of the objectives of this project.

The transcript of the panels was submitted to content analysis, and the results will be re-analyzed together with the results obtained by the panels from other DOMINO partners. The final results will be presented at the first meeting in Lisbon, at the end of January 2022.

It will be interesting to note the differences between the various countries, whose reality is necessarily different from the Portuguese reality, and it will be necessary to combine efforts, so that the results obtained make sense for all health professionals in the member countries of the DOMINO project.