Globally, the reports of domestic violence have increased remarkably since social isolation and quarantine measures came into force due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Domestic violence is a broad term, including the wide range of violations perpetrated by current or ex-partner or the violence against children, parents, or the elderly. It affects the well- being of the whole family and results in serious physical, mental, sexual and reproductive health problems. Social- and healthcare professionals need more knowledge, skills, and education to identify and intervene in domestic violence. Additionally, there is a need to develop professionals´ digital methods and competencies, which are highly needed during the pandemic times, such as COVID-19.



DOMINO project aims to provide knowledge and education for current and future social- and healthcare professionals in Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) for prevention and early intervention of domestic violence by developing an educational DOMINO mobile application. The longer-term aim is to improve the physical and mental well-being and care of victims and perpetrators by improving the early intervention and prevention of domestic violence.

The results of the project are pedagogical framework, online course and DOMINO mobile application. The pedagogical framework is developed through mapping the educational needs of domestic violence of social and health care professionals and HEI teachers in each participating country through expert panel discussions. The results of mapping are analyzed by thematic content analysis. DOMINO online course (5 ECTS) is developed based on a pedagogical framework. The online course also establishes the final product of the project, the DOMINO mobile application. In addition, the development of the mobile application includes the functional and technical settings and the piloting of the application by current and future social- and healthcare professionals.

The ultimate beneficiaries of the DOMINO project are the families suffering from domestic violence. By enhancing the accessibility of knowledge and education of early intervention and prevention of domestic violence among current and future professionals, the DOMINO project strives to improve the care of victims and perpetrators and their physical and mental well-being in a longer timeframe.